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Distinguished and Famous people from The Gippsland Coast

Located in Victoria, Australia, the Gippsland Coast has been home to numerous distinguished and famous individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields. Here are some notable figures associated with the region:

Sir Macpherson Robertson

Sir Macpherson Robertson, born in 1859, was a prominent Australian philanthropist and confectionery manufacturer. Although he was born in Ballarat, he later established his confectionery business, MacRobertson's, in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Robertson became immensely successful and is best known for creating the iconic Australian chocolate bar, the Cherry Ripe. His contributions greatly benefited the broader Victorian community.

Albert Jacka

Born in 1893 in Levin, New Zealand, Albert Jacka moved to Wedderburn in Gippsland Coast, Victoria, as a child. He went on to become one of Australia's most renowned soldiers and war heroes. Jacka served as a corporal during World War I and received the prestigious Victoria Cross for his bravery in the Battle of Gallipoli. He later became a successful businessman and politician.

Denis Napthine

Denis Napthine, born in Camperdown in 1952, is an Australian politician and veterinarian. Raised in the Gippsland region, Napthine served as the Member of Parliament for the South-West Coast in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. He held various ministerial positions before serving as the 47th Premier of Victoria from 2013 to 2014.

May Vale

May Vale (1894-1984), born in Melbourne, was an accomplished artist who spent a significant part of her life painting and teaching art in Gippsland. She contributed to the local art community through exhibitions, workshops, and mentorship programs. Vale's impressionist landscape paintings, inspired by the natural beauty of Gippsland's coastlines and countryside, gained recognition and appreciation from both local and international audiences.

Hughie Edwards

Air Vice Marshal Sir Hughie Idwal Edwards was born in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1914. While not native to Gippsland Coast, Edwards became a notable figure in the region as the founding Director of the East Sale RAAF Base, located in Gippsland. Edwards served as a distinguished World War II pilot and received several accolades for his heroic actions. He played a significant role in the development and advancement of the Royal Australian Air Force in the post-war era.

These are just a few examples of the distinguished and famous individuals associated with the Gippsland Coast in Victoria, Australia. Their contributions in fields such as business, military, politics, and arts have left a lasting impact on the region.

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