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The Gippsland Coast Eco Green

Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in Gippsland Coast

Gippsland Coast is a beautiful region in Victoria, Australia. It has a diverse ecosystem with abundant natural resources, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. The region is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. Many businesses in the area have adopted eco-friendly practices to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. In this article, we will highlight some of the businesses that contribute to eco-green in Gippsland Coast.

1. Gippsland Solar
Gippsland Solar is a local business that offers renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses. The company provides solar panels, battery storage systems, solar hot water systems, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Gippsland Solar aims to help customers reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions while promoting a clean energy future.

2. Ramji Constructions
Ramji Constructions is a leading builder in Gippsland Coast that has incorporated sustainable practices in their construction projects. They use recycled materials and employ energy-efficient designs to reduce waste and environmental impact. Ramji Constructions also offers eco-friendly building options such as solar power, rainwater harvesting, and greywater treatment systems.

3. Prom Helicopters
Prom Helicopters is a local helicopter tour company that offers scenic flights over the beautiful landscapes of Gippsland Coast. The company has invested in a state-of-the-art eco-helicopter that has lower noise levels and reduced emissions. Prom Helicopters is committed to protecting the environment and wildlife in the region while providing an unforgettable experience for tourists.

4. Harvest Feast
Harvest Feast is a catering business that celebrates the region's fresh local produce and promotes sustainable food practices. They source their ingredients from local farmers and use eco-friendly packaging and utensils. Harvest Feast also offers vegan and vegetarian menu options to reduce the carbon footprint of their business.

5. Greenfleet
Greenfleet is a non-profit organization that partners with businesses to offset their carbon emissions by planting native forests. They work with landowners in Gippsland Coast to establish new forests that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide habitat for wildlife. Greenfleet offers a carbon calculator tool to help businesses calculate their emissions and choose a suitable planting project.

6. Blue Gum Farm TV
Blue Gum Farm TV is an organic farm that produces pasture-raised beef and lamb. The farm is dedicated to sustainability and regenerative agriculture practices that improve soil health and reduce the environmental impact of farming. Blue Gum Farm TV also offers farm tours and educational programs that promote sustainable living.

7. Tidal River Brewing Company
Tidal River Brewing Company is a craft brewery that produces beer using locally sourced ingredients and sustainable brewing practices. They use solar power to run their operations and compost their waste to reduce landfill. The brewery also aims to educate customers about the environmental impact of beer production and how to reduce their carbon footprint.


Gippsland Coast is home to many businesses that contribute to the eco-green movement. From renewable energy solutions to sustainable agriculture and tourism, these businesses are committed to protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. Their efforts are not only benefiting the region's ecosystem but also promoting a sustainable lifestyle for customers and visitors. Contact details for each business can be found on their websites or by a simple Google search.

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